Moreover, we are specialized in providing high-end materials such as semi-precious stone as well as exotic granites with swarovsky accents and also shell stone and gem stone.


We are always researching and promoting innovative stones and surface finishes, so that to satisfy every kind of demand.

We are dealing with architects, interiors designers and specifiers, with whom we are able to perform our best resources and supply flooring, wall claddings, tiles, slabs, and cut to sizes. We are very qualified in the high-end projects of which we are able to supply an all-inclusive service, that means project development, material selection, production control, installation, inspection and after care stone treatments.


A must in our company's philosophy is to personally follow-up orders from the date of issue to the shipping. Moreover, selecting the right colours and the right quality according to the needs of each single customer is our guarantee for our customers' satisfaction. Nevertheless it will be our duty to send digital pictures and preloaded packing lists before shipment to make our customers feel safe of the high quality of the materials.


We have established a well organized network of skilled persons in the most important areas of production throughout the world (we have depots in Brazil, Canada, United States, Holland, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden) which brings us in a position to offer both the most exotic as well as the top-selling materials at high quality standards.    «           Home